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Without taking risks, there is hardly any scope for progress
Blog - April 08,2022

In 2011, when Shareef Muhammed used to work a full-time job in a Qatar-based construction company, he used to invest a huge chunk of his earnings towards his businesses. People scorned his idea and ridiculed him. He, however, always had his eyes on the prize and focused on achieving his goals. It was a struggle, but he refused to give up.

Now, a little lesser than a decade later, Shareef Muhammed sits in his expansive Cubes International Group headquarters office, proving his naysayers wrong. Today, his businesses are industry leaders and he can proudly claim to have built them from the ground up all of the eight verticals of Cubes International Group lay on a foundation that is debt-free.

Shareef remains resilient and takes on challenges with a smile. He takes calculated risks- which so far, have always paid off. He “paddles through the rough seas and takes challenges with ease”. He follows a method that has always worked for him- he comes up with an idea, backs it up with market and feasibility studies, sets up the process, and gets the motors running to start drawing in profits. Once that happens, he has already dreamt up the next big thing and hustles on setting up the next vertical to his business.

Shareef lives his life out of the box yet when it comes to his businesses, practices ‘Cubes-ism’- he refuses to shy away from multifaceted businesses and dominates the field by being a strong leader!